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"First blockchain-based platform that allows anyone to buy physical art pieces including the associated NFT building a new art ecosystem."

What is
Public Masterpiece?

Public Masterpiece is the first of its kind, a unique and innovative collective that builds bridges between physical art and blockchain. It shines new light on authenticity by tracking each artwork with digital certificates from inception to sale. The uniqueness continues as it offers fair pricing for both artist and collector
alike while also providing creative investment opportunities through exclusive Real World Assets (RWA), non-fungible tokens (NFT) and Public Masterpiece Token (PMT). Artlovers are not only able to enjoy their favorite works but also be part of something bigger than themselves when investing in an unforgettable piece.
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How will Public Masterpiece revolutionize the art industry?

Public Masterpiece aims to revolutionize the art industry through a combination of blockchain technology, innovative collaborations, and a unique ecosystem that bridges physical and digital art. By tokenizing high-value artworks and collectibles, we will allow fractional ownership, making them accessible to a broader audience and providing a secure and transparent method for investing in art. Our native token (PMT) facilitates seamless transactions within our ecosystem, including purchasing art and participating in exclusive events, while our decentralized application (dApp) includes a Marketplace and DAO, enabling community voting, staking, and governance, thereby empowering our community.
Collaborations with renowned artists bring exceptional and exclusive art to our platform. High-profile partnerships, such as with Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich, enhance the visibility and credibility of our projects. Hosting exclusive exhibitions in prominent locations attracts VIP guests and top holders, creating significant echo around our projects. Establishing a physical gallery in Dubai will allow art enthusiasts to experience and appreciate the artworks in person, bridging the gap between digital and physical art. We keep our investors informed and engaged, fostering a knowledgeable and dedicated community. By maintaining high levels of transparency and communication, we build trust and
credibility among our investors and partners. Utilizing blockchain technology ensures the security, authenticity, and traceability of every transaction and artwork, and achieving recognition from reputable institutions further solidifies our commitment to security and excellence. Future plans include expanding into tokenizing other valuable assets such as collectibles, vintage cars, unique real estate, and luxury watches, and continuously optimizing and innovating our platform to enhance the experience for our holders and partners. Public Masterpiece is set to disrupt the traditional art industry, making high-value art more accessible, secure, and engaging for a global audience.

Exclusive Art Community

Our community platform is the heartbeat of Public Masterpiece, fostering engagement and collaboration among our PMT Family members. Through our decentralized application (dApp), community members can participate in governance by voting
and staking, access exclusive art drops, and stay informed about the latest developments. We prioritize transparency and communication, ensuring our investors and partners are always up-to-date and actively involved in our journey

Real World Assets (RWA)

Public Masterpiece revolutionizes investment by integrating Real World Assets (RWA) into the blockchain. Our first RWA collaboration with Rocketbyz sold out in 48 hours using our native token, PMT, showcasing strong demand and trust. We tokenize diverse assets, including fine art, collectibles, vintage cars, unique real estate, and luxury watches, making them accessible
through fractional ownership. Our blockchain ensures security, authenticity, and traceability. Through our dApp, the PMT Family engages in governance, voting, and staking, enhancing community involvement and PMT's value. Public Masterpiece is transforming the art and investment industries with a secure, transparent, and inclusive ecosystem.

Artist Royalty Payment through NFT's

NFTs are used to empower artists by paying them a percentage of the sale price. Artists' royalty payments will be perpetual and executed automatically by smart contracts, so every time someone purchases their Art they collect their fix royalty.
In addition, each NFT is specially marked so that the artist's collection finds a relationship on the blockchain and a total collection value can be calculated.

What is Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a smart contract-enabled parallel blockchain to Binance Chain that provides a permissionless platform for decentralized application (DApps). While Binance Chain offers a high-throughput targeting active crypto trades, it lacks in the programmability department. Binance Smart Chain exists to change that. Binance launched Smart Chain to provide a high-speed,
low-cost alternative for the burgeoning decentralized finance (DeFi) market, which has suffered from Ethereum’s high transaction fees. Launched in September 2020, Binance Smart Chain boasts a five-second block time, cross-chain asset transfers, EVM compatibility, and a Proof of Staked Authority consensus protocol to ensure scalability.

The BEP20 Token Standard

Binance Smart Chain has a BEP20 token standard that functions similarly to Ethereum’s ERC20 standard. BEP20 is a developer-friendly token standard that allows anyone to deploy fungible digital currencies or tokens on Binance Smart Chain. What’s more, leading digital assets on other chains can be ported onto Binance
Smart Chain in the form of pegged BEP20 tokens. For example, you could use Binance Bridge to swap bitcoin (BTC) for BTCB (BEP20) tokens backed by BTC. BTCB (BEP20) tokens can then be deployed in DeFi protocols to earn yield on bitcoin. The same goes for ETH, XRP, DOGE, and many more.

What’s Happening on Binance Smart Chain?

As a low-cost, high-speed alternative to Ethereum, backed by one of the largest crypto companies in the world, Smart Chain already boasts a wide range of DApps and DeFi apps on its chain. While some DeFi protocols have migrated over to Smart Chain from other blockchain networks, dozens of Smart Chain-native DApps have emerged and experienced substantial user growth since their inceptions.
DeFi protocols, such as PancakeSwap, Venus, and Autofarm, make up most of the activity on BSC. But that does not mean Smart Chain is only for decentralized finance. Gaming and gambling DApps have also found a home on Smart Chain, and the first NFTs appeared in early 2021 to provide BSC users with the same crypto collectible experience found on other chains.
Public Masterpiece


Create & Launch Homepage
Artchain Member Token / ARTCM
Create Art/NFT Marketplace
Meetups with the Art Industry
Meetups with International Artists
Sponsored Art-Show Event 30 Oct.
@ Barlach Halle K in Hamburg, Germany
Sign first influential Ambassadors
Secure Influencer partnerships
Meetups with Art Galleries
Artchain Swap dApp - Contract Coding
Artchain Contract for Farming & Staking
Implement Contracts
Testphase Farming & Staking
Sign first Artists with Physical Art
Offline Marketing partnerships
Cross Marketing partnerships
Finding a Hub for Artchain Circle
Artchain Circle goes Dubai
Meet potential partners in UAE
Physical Art acquisition
Private Pre-Sale of Memberships
Dubai Launch Event
Launch Art/NFT Marketplace
Public Pre-Sale 1. of Memberships
Public Pre-Sale 2. of Memberships
Artchain Circle Cash Token / ARTCC
Airdrop ARTCC for Gold, Platinum, Black & Diamond Members
Launch Artchain Swap dAPP & Farming
CoinGecko Listing
CoinMarketCap Listing
Art-Show Event
$500M Marketcap
Limited release of NFTs redistributed to the community
Members only event
+50 Artists in Portfolio
Listing on Binance
Art-Show Event
Listing Huobi
Listing Kucoin
Listing Bitfinex
Artchain Circle Merchandise for Members
circle of partners
Public Masterpiece


Idea Generation & Conception
Research & Development
Understanding the Art Industry
Identifying Problems
Developing Blockchain Solutions
Core Team Development
Educating Artists on Blockchain Integration
Educating Galleries on Blockchain Integration
Initial Launch in Germany
Overcoming Regulatory Obstacles
Re-Development Phase
Expanding Regional to International Collaborations
Implementing Innovative Blockchain Developments
Expanding Ecosystem Utilities
Product Restrategizing for Current Market
Creating Blockchain Identity
Official Token on BscScan
Launching PMT - Public Meme Token
Connecting Memes with RWAs
Successful Public & Private Presale Phases
Building a Dedicated Holder Community
First Collaboration with Famous Artist
CertiK Silver Batch (KYC)
Solidproof Audit
Successful Drop of the first RWA Collection (Sold out within 48 hours)
CertiK Audit & Bug Bounty
Launching Native Token on Pancake Swap
First Exchange Listings
Listing CoinGecko
Listing Dextools
Drop of the first RWA Collection by Rocketbyz
Launch Event and First PMT Art Exhibition
Transformation into PMT - Public Masterpiece Token
Elevating a Meme to a Masterpiece
Presenting the PMT Millionaires Club
Announcement of Next RWA Artists Romulo Kuranyi & Moreno Pisano
Establishing UAE as Official HQ
Expand collaborations with new Galleries and Artists
Web3 Marketing Campagns
Partnerships with Web3 Influencers
Mystery Box Auction of Rocketbyz
Listing on Coinmarketcap
Drop of the second RWA Collection
Drop of the third RWA Collection
Launch of DAO
Launch of Buyback and Burn
Crosschain Integrations